Hello Everybody!

Welcome to e-olio. This is a new experiment for me. In the past I’ve built several single-purpose sites…

  • Computer Knowledge with tutorials and general information (a bit stale right now),
  • Tom’s Domain, a personal website,
  • FILext, a collection of file extensions and programs that use them — since sold to Uniblue,
  • and MissionTour.org, a virtual tour of the California missions envisioned by Blessed Junipero Serra.
    (This is the site I’m currently working on the most.)

So, why a new site? I’m always trying to learn different things. A site full of miscellaneous information allows me to do that. On one page I can put affiliate link information and on another some math formula and yet another a clever video I may have seen. There is little limit to the possibilities (subject to a “G” rating).

Why “olio”? No reason other than it’s a word I discovered a long time ago in another life writing newsletters and now I find it in crossword puzzles. It means a miscellaneous collection and so fits quite nicely here. Just don’t confuse it with oleo which is margarine (fake butter).Smile

The site may be sparse for a little while as I have many projects and irons in the fire but a little bit at a time things will start to appear.

Have fun.

Tom (DaBoss)