New Editor Test

This is a test of the new WordPress 5.0 editor.

It’s not exactly intuitive.


This is paragraph two with an image to the right.

Ugh. Had to go back to classic editor until I see some videos or whatever on how to best use the new.



Test Aesop Page

An Old Man met Death and asked for a reprieve. Death said no as he had given the Old Man many hints about what was coming to him.

Be prepared. One never knows when Death will show up.

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Daily Macro 01-03-2014

This experiment has moved. Please go to…


…to see these and more each day. Thank you.

Daily Macro 01-02-2014 New Something Coming

This is the daily macro photo for January 2nd 2014. Can you guess what it is? (You can click on the image to see a larger version in a lightbox.)


Hint: The photo is a budding situation.

Click here to see what it is.

Daily Macro 01-01-2014 New Year Related

This is the daily macro photo for January 1st 2014. Can you guess what it is? (You can click on the image to see a larger version in a lightbox.)

2014-01-01 Macro Image

Hint: The photo is related to the date.

Click here to see what it is.


42 is a movie about the late 1940s in America when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball. It is set for release on Friday April 12th, 2013; one week from now. I strongly recommend seeing the movie as it is excellent.

In the classic “who you know” situation, a group of people in the community where I live were invited to a pre-release screening of the movie arranged by the mother of the president of Legendary studios, the producer of the movie. I was fortunate to be part of the group.
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Solve Some Sudoku Puzzles

We’ve covered some of the basic methods of solving Sudoku puzzles on other pages here. Now it’s time to practice some. Thanks to a program named Magnum Opus, that is possible here.

Magnum Opus is a program that allows you to both build and solve a large number of puzzle types including crossword and Sudoku and many more puzzle types. I’ve used it to create the seven Sudoku puzzles shown here…

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University Village at Thousand Oaks (UVTO) residents have put together a book describing their experiences during the Great Depression and World War II. It consists of 50 true stories and carries the title: “Tales of Challenge and Courage.” The book is no longer available for sale.

UVTO Resident Book Cover
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Solving Sudoku Part 5

We’re almost at the end of this series of posts now. Here’s where we left off…

Two more rows.

We just filled in the two marked rows and now need to move to the rest of the puzzle. [Read more…]